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i recall that a couple of months later i had to take pics of of a re-enlistment... i was really amazed at the time that someone who had just survived a crash like that would re-enlist...

the communications station message center was in the lower (1st floor?

i was able to use his garage to work on my car during the winter....

i left kodiak in april 1963 and successfully completed radioman "a" school in san diego... chief horne and his wife on the left, me and my wife, nina, on the right....

this was a plane from a squadron that was just flying in to relieve another squadron in the area, as i recall... i believe there were about 11 people aboard, four of whom were killed in the crash...

it had been raining and the pilot apparently was not satisfied with his approach and was going to circle around for another approach... (this is really testing my memory, after 54 years)...

Linda Rader Overman Wed, -0800 Subject: The rock From: Daniel Martin magicmoose dot martin1 at gmail dot com I just recently found your web page. Spent as much time as we could out at Saltery bay, fishing, etc. That tour I had my 4WD dodge, and my co-workers and I explored a lot more.

Noted the pics of the airplane crash of January 10, 1963...

My parents lived in Hollywood, California, where I was born. Every post and station has a morale office of which Dad appeared to be assigned to as Photographers Mate First Class.

From what I understand, Dad worked in the "public relations" sector and at the base newspaper, THE KODIAK BEAR.

Those memories we will send to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.

He was activated along with my uncle Charles Balague' (pictured in the album) who served in the US Army in the Pacific and participated in the invasion of Okinawa.

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